Raw  Vegan entrees, appetizers, breads, crackers & desserts

Our vegan menu is sugar, gluten, dairy & soy free. No processed sugars!

     All our products are made from scratch. We use dates, raisins, & coconut nectar as our sweeteners.

The Raw Caterer

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(949) 697-6706

What we Do

Raw Caterer's mission is to provide affordable, nutritious, healthy raw food options. We don't use any preservatives in any of our foods. We support local farmers and use organic products when possible.

Join us at our local farmers market NOW!!

Join us at our local Orange County California farmers markets:

*Tustin-Old Town, Wednesdays 9-1, 

*San Juan Capistrano, Wednesdays 3-6, (Camino Capistrano/Yorba)

*Laguna Hills, Fridays 9-1 (Laguna Hills Mall parking lot)

*Irvine-Mariners Church, Saturdays 8-12 (Bonita Canyon/Newport Coast Dr)   

Farmers Market Products:

All items $5

Onion Bread                     Cheesecakes (chocolate, vanilla, almond,                         

Spinach Crackers             strawberry,  blueberry)                   

Mexi Crackers                  Granola                      

Chocolate Truffles                 

Coconut Cookies              Daily Special Entrees: Lo Mein, Pad Thai,

Brownies                           Tacos, Lasagna, Pizza, Hummus, & more.

Cashew Cheese/Dip        

Almond Cheese/Dip


order on-line  via email or call

Have our cookies, crackers or onion bread shipped to your door!

our products  For Local Pick-up Only
order (949) 697-6706

$5- Onion Bread                               $25  Nachos - serves 6

$5- Spinach Crackers                       $25 Lasagna -serves 6

$5- Mexi Crackers                            $25 Lo Mein - serves 6

$5-Chocolate Truffles                      $25 Tacos -  serves 6

$5- Coconut Cookies                        $25 Stuffed Portobellos -serves 6

$5- Hummus                                      $25 Hummus Sandwiches- serves 6

$5- Brownies                                     $38 Cheesecake-serves 8 (chocolate, vanilla, blueberry

$5- Almond Cheese/Dip                   almond, strawberry)

$5- Cheesecake (chocolate,            $30 Pumpkin Pie - serves 8

vanilla, pumpkin, blueberry,

almond, straberry)                         

$5- Cashew Cheese/Dip

$5- Pumpkin Pie

$5- Granola